A Guide to Indian Etiquette, Manners, and Customs
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A Guide to Indian Etiquette, Manners, and Customs

If you are a foreigner and are planning a trip to India, then it would be a good idea to read some of our tips to help you on your next trip here. India is a multifaceted, multilingual and multiethnic land. To travel around here, it's necessary that certain cultures of the land be followed.

Get your proper vaccination before you come here Leave alone the harsh weathers that one faces while traveling the depths of India, one of the things that foreigners must definitely keep in mind is to get their shots before they arrive. While this is mandatory in certain countries, it's overlooked at times. The reasons are two: The water and the air. Both are highly harsh for anyone who hasn't already lived here for a while and waterborne diseases are far more frequent. So plan this ahead and get your regular visit to the doctor done before.

Plan your trip to India India is a land that many Indians need more than a year to explore. If you are here on a trip of one week (too less) , one month (a little better) or one year (just about enough) you should have chartered your trips across. iXiGO gives you some of the best rates for you to check through various sectors and also offers you some great prices on hotel, lodging and bus travel as well. Like the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Bargaining is good and necessary This is a little secret no one will admit neither deny that is very valuable. The minute shop keepers sense you are not from this land, the price seems to multiply on non marked goods. Always keep in mind that bargaining for prices is required and you might be surprised with some of the discounts that you can get if you actually made that effort to push for a cheaper price. It is an Indian culture to bargain and most often people don't do it because they are too shy or think it's impolite.

Don't wear slippers into the household unless the owner already has it on Indians generally consider it a disrespect if you are going to trod into their houses with your boots filled with slush, dirt and mud right into the living room. They spend a lot of time cleaning and that is typically why people almost always ask you to leave your slippers outside. This doesn't apply to the hotels though, you are free to wear anything there, and if you visit the bathroom, get yourself a pair of bathroom slippers. They are cheap and effective.

When we say spicy, we mean REALLY spicy Indians are known to have a tongue that can handle the spices well. A lot of the foreign food fall short when matched with the palette of the Indian spices. So keep in mind, that whenever you ask for food you should mention that it shouldn't be too spicy, because handling the effects can be rather stressful. Even if you down a bucket of water.

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