Chat Rooms Information Accessed By Hackers
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Chat Rooms Information Accessed By Hackers

Revealing bit of information regarding access to your personal information from other chat members.

We are all online here, if you are reading this article.  As such we understand certain etiquette procedures like keeping our private information of telephone and address private.  The sorry fact is that there are some chat rooms online that insist on your telephone and address to join and that your information is being used by hackers who claim to have some kind of overseer jurisdiction that allows them access to your telephone and address.  You might suddenly find yourself being called and addressed by your chat room alias on your phone. Knowing that chat room information is being accessed has to keep some people out of chat rooms.  Whether that is a good or bad thing depends on how you look at it.  But, you should know that information you give to join a chat room can be accessed and used against you or to intimidate you especially if those hackers are personal friends or know people who might be personal friends. 

When is it not so funny if a chat room member knows your personal information like telephone and address? It is always never funny for a chat room member who knows you by an alias to know what telephone number you have.

How in the world would such a person who is chatting with an alias know your personal information? Obviously, he is getting it from your information file to get an alias to go into a chat room.

I know for a fact that a popular game room has allowed chatters who themselves use an alias to access personal information about members. Your alias on these game room or chat rooms is not a screen to keep your identity private. It is being accessed by whoever is capable of getting into the private information given to that site that is filled out by all members.

The fact is that your information in chat rooms is not secret. You may think that you are chatting with an alias, but members on line who have contacts with the site managers are accessing your personal information.

And, the worst part of it is that if you confront those site managers in an email, they can just disregard it or come up with the worst cock and bull story denying it or not addressing it as if they have the right to allow that kind of what I consider to be illegal spreading of personal information to chat rooms members who, of course, insist on the privacy of their information.

When you join a chat room do not give your right name or telephone number.  As a matter of fact if you do not want your email filled with garbage emails sent by hackers from game rooms, make up an email.  I hope that is not improper but if you only go on a game room to play checkers why should your email suddenly be filled with two hundred viagra selling emailers? 


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