Chopsticks Etiquette And Facts
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Chopsticks Etiquette And Facts

These facts will give proper customs to follow when using chopsticks. Etiquette and manners along with guest guidelines can be most helpful at an event while entertaining others.

In every culture, there are rules, customs and etiquette to follow to be courteous and proper. Using chopsticks has its own set of guidelines to follow when using these at any meal or gathering when food is served. Any guest will honor their host or hostess in learning the facts during any event when chopsticks are used.

Kinds of chopsticks and countries using them

1.  Japanese chopsticks are also known as hashi and are packaged as disposable. Waribashi are two chopsticks connected together to indicate they have not been used prior to giving them to restaurant customers. They must be separated by guest.

2.  Chinese chopsticks are called kuaizi and most commonly made from bamboo. Porcelain is another favorite material used in Chinese chopsticks.

3.  Korean chopsticks are quite often stainless steel. Since metal can be slippery, they are often made rough at the ends to diminish that trait.

4.  Vietnamese chopsticks are made of palmwood with blunt ends.

5.  Taiwan chopsticks are commonly made of plastic.

Chopstick use

1. Using chopsticks properly takes some people a concentrated effort before actually accepting the utensils for food when out in public or in a private home environment. Education to successfully manage chopsticks requires practice which should be done in private not in a group event and not out in public.

2. Proper use of chopsticks is with the two pieces in one hand.

3. Use chopsticks for food only. They are not to be used a pointers or to tap on the plate to get attention of a person at the table or a restaurant employee. To do these actions is similar to waving a fork around or using it as a drumming instrument.

Chopstick misuse

1. Chopsticks should not be used to move bowls at the table since this is improper use and shows poor manners.

2. Piercing food with chopsticks is poor etiquette according to Japanese and Chinese customs. Food is to be held between the chopsticks without impaling the food.

Chopstick selection

1. When offered chopsticks it is proper to decline and is courteous to not use them as utensils.

2. If wooden or plastic chopsticks are given as choices, either is appropriate to accept.

Chopstick care

1. Depending on the material the chopsticks are made of will govern if they will be washed with cold water, dried and reused. 

2.  When chopsticks are not in use it is not proper manners to place them next to the plate or bowl on the table.

Chopstick placement

1.  When completely finished with the meal chopsticks should be placed at the top of the bowl.

2.  Chopsticks on the chopstick stands means the person is not finished with the meal.

Chopstick manners

1.  Transferring food from one person to another with chopsticks is not acceptable etiquette.

2.  Leaving chopsticks standing upright in the bowl symbolizes death, so is done only at Japanese and Chinese funerals.

3.  Chopsticks placed in a "V" form is a sign of a bad omen, so should be avoided.

4.  Remove the chopsticks from the mouth soon after the food has been delivered by the utensil.

Proper chopstick etiquette from the guest is a sign of education and honors the host, hostess or restaurant owner's heritage.


Lee's Wok owner in Newport, Oregon



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Outstanding work, Roberta.

I really need some practice in using chop sticks - good tips here!

thank you for great article. The subject is something I need work on:)

I learned how to use chopsticks when I was a kid, they are fun to eat with and give another dimension to the eating experience.

I need to use chopsticks everytime I eat. Then,maybe I'll lose weight. lol Excellent article on an interesting topic.

Ranked #16 in Etiquette

They say eating small bites, chewing a lot, and slowing down with eating helps you to lose weight. Well, if you don't know how to use chopsticks, they are perfect for those of us who need to shed pounds. If nothing else, eating too fast and not feeling full will be cured.

great facts on chopsticks but foreigners seldom use chopsticks.

Plenty of practice using these in recent years. It will seem strange to use a knife and fork again.

I use chopsticks at home but not in public, great facts here. Happy Holidays to you and family Roberta.

Excellent and really informative. I've still never been able to use them.

Ranked #2 in Etiquette

You come up with new and variety of articles. Keep it up!

i should take note of those info.

Very interesting, did not know any of this. Thanks for the education.

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I got to laugh with myself. I'm so bad with this thing.

This is an awesome share...valuable educational piece, indeed. This is good to know. Thanks for posting valuable information for all to learn from. Voted up!!!

I use chopstick to pierce eggs but realized this is not proper. Great tips.

I've always been fascinated by Oriental culture. So I found this to be a fantastic read. Thank you for sharing, Roberta!

Thank you for sharing good piece of information with all of us.

Voted up and shared too. Great job.