Dress Codes And Formal Etiquette: How To Attend Formal Cocktail Parties For Men
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Dress Codes And Formal Etiquette: How To Attend Formal Cocktail Parties For Men

Cocktail parties are the best way to break the ice between the otherwise professional and formal employees. It is the latest fad among corporate houses these days to invite their employees and clients for a cocktail party. This allows interactions between all professionally associated people at a more friendly, social and informal level. But do you know the how did the cocktail parties originate?

It is said that during the 1920's the United States had enacted the Prohibition law. According to this law, it was illegal to sell, manufacture or transport alcohol for consumption nationally. Thus, as drinking at bars and hotels was banned, it moved on to houses. People started throwing cocktail parties, that became a high profile event. As the popularity of such an event grew, people started to dress up more chic and surpassed the traditional attire. The cocktail attire for men became less formal than the evening wear in the 1930s.

With the rise in dress code. Slowly, during the 1960s, ties became out-of-fashion as a part of cocktail attire for guys.

Cocktail Attire Definition

Cocktail attire is defined as the suitable dress that can be worn on a formal occasion. It basically means a suit for dark men. Cocktail attire for guys is mostly a suit and tie. You can even try a coat and tie. Choose the colors and fabrics according to the latest trends of the season. Let us understand more about cocktail party attire according to the cocktail attire etiquette.

Cocktail Attire Etiquette

Before deciding the cocktail party attire, check out how you received the invitation. If you received the invitation by phone or email, it means it is a causal affair. If you are invited to association parities or charity raising cocktail parties, the cocktail attire etiquette calls for a formal dress up.

When you receive a formal invitation, watch out for words that say 'semiformal' or 'black tie optional'. Semi-formal means a dark suit for men and black tie optional throws open a choice to wear a tuxedo or dark suit and a formal tie.

When choosing the fabric, consider the current season. You can try light colored linen or cotton fabrics during spring, while dark and muted fabrics for fall and winter. Tropical colored fabrics are accepted during spring season.

You should dress up in a casual outfit for a cocktail party that is an afternoon event. You may try a suit for an evening men's cocktail attire. When a less formal event is hosted in the afternoon, you may try an casual outfit that is less than a formal outfit.

The strict no-no's in cocktail attire dress code, is wearing sneakers. You should also avoid athletic socks or even shorts as a cocktail party attire. In case, the climate is too hot, you may opt for lightweight pants in cool gingham or chambray. Make sure your cocktail attire is in coordination with the little black dress.

A casual suit or well-ironed pants and a crisp buttoned shirt and tie will suffice as cocktail attire for guys on most occasions. If you have any doubts regarding the formality of the party, carry a jacket along with you to the event. Wear the jacket if you see it worn by other men, or leave it in your car, accordingly . Men's cocktail attire can be a combination of casual blazers and dinner jackets. Know more on men's clothing.

Accessories related to appropriate cocktail attire for a cocktail party, include a good leather belt and shiny, well-polished shoes. Match your watch, hat, etc. along with your cocktail attire. The most important point to be remembered when dressing up appropriately in a cocktail attire for men is how you carry yourself. Be comfortable with what you wear and make sure your clothes fit you properly. It's all in the attitude, that can even make a simple t-shirt worn to the cocktail party look acceptable. Give attention to the little details and you will surely be the eye-candy and most attractive and well-dressed invitee of the day.

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