Thank You Messages for Dinner Party
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Thank You Messages for Dinner Party

Thank You Messages for Dinner Party , Free Thank you notes for dinner party , dinner thank you note samples

The dinner party does not end with putting the food away, right; but it should be completed with the good-mannered etiquettes. Do you write thank-you notes for dinner parties? Yes or No? If you answered No, let me tell you that it's high time. From now on make a habit to send thank you messages.  After enjoying the dinner, the guests must thank the host for the wonderful invite, by sending thank you notes or messages for a dinner party to appreciate the host .

Though in today's society sending thank you messages for a dinner party is a highly overlooked and ignored etiquette, but we should not forget the importance of this small gesture which has a huge impact, and shows a lot of appreciation and thoughtfulness.

Here in this article you will find an excellent list of sample thank you notes and messages for a dinner party. Simply bookmark these thank you notes and messages, and make it easy on yourself.

1. Thanks so much for the dinner last night! The food was really fabulous and those wines were outstanding. Thanks for sharing them with us! It was so nice to finally catch up and spend some quality time together.

2. I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much fun we all had at your place Saturday night. The dinner was spectacular, and you were indeed a fabulous host.

3. Thanks for the lovely dinner the other evening; we really enjoyed ourselves. The meal was scrumptious, especially the chocolate dessert. You must give me the recipe sometime. It was really great to meet you after a long time.  

4. Thanks for inviting us for dinner last Sunday. We had a lovely time. The dinner was truly delicious and you were really a fantastic host.

5. We had great fun with you last night! Thank you for that scrumptious dinner. Everything was delicious, including of course that amazing dessert that looked so professional I still can't believe you MADE that. Would love to get your dessert recipe some time.


6. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening. The dinner was delicious! You are both indeed incredible hosts, and we enjoyed spending time with you.

7. Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home for dinner. The food was really so delicious. We had a lovely time. Thank you again for a lovely evening.

8. It was great fun getting together with you this past weekend. And the dinner you served on Saturday was really superb. You're such incredibly gracious hosts.

I hope you agree with me that whenever you are invited over for dinner it's always polite and nice to follow-up a few days later with a warm thank-you note. Although handwritten and mailed thank you notes have a great importance of their own, it's perfectly acceptable to send an email thank-you to friends or family after a dinner party.

Make use of  this sample thank you messages, I am sure this list can really help you to save time in writing thank you notes and messages for a dinner party. Bookmark this list now and get back to it now and again to appreciate your friends and family members.


It is always great to be able to send a thank you note to your friends or relatives after a great dinner party. Your guests go to great lengths to put on the best dinner party, including the planning, the cooking and the setting of the table, not to mention inviting all guests to the home and enjoyment. Sending a thank you note to your dinner hosts means a lot to the hosts and goes a long way to making them feel good about all of their preparation for the dinner party. Always remember to send a thank you not, whether it is an actual card or an email card. You can find both at Hallmark cards or Hallmark E-cards.

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Comments (7)

Thank u so much for sharing this..

Good ideas for thank you messages. This is something many of us overlook after attending a dinner party.

Ranked #8 in Etiquette

#3 is fun.

Excellent ideas for thanking party hosts, Ruby. Only if the stomach has the mind of its own to be grateful, lol.

Wonderful series of thank you messages, very thoughtful Ruby.

My boyfriend and I attended a dinner party on Christmas Eve. We subsequently broke up on Jan. 3. I meant to ask him for the address of our hostess, and she was a work friend of his, but other things were going on in the communication with the ex, things more related to the break up. So, on March 7, I asked him for her address so that I could write her a thank you note. He said it was too late and would look "odd." Do you agree that it is too late to write a thank you note for a Christmas dinner party?
I attended a sit-down dinner party with my boyfriend on Christmas Eve. Subsequently, the guy broke up with me on Jan. 3. In Jan., I thought about asking for the address of the hostess to write a thank you note; however, all the communications with my ex-boyfriend were more about the end of the relationship and tieing things up, etc. So, I wrote him an e-mail March 5 asking for her address. He replied that it was too late, and would see odd. What do you think?!?